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Madhyapradesh is the first state, passed the bill awarding death to those found guilty of raping minor girls aged 12 and below.

The bill will be now sent for the assent of the president, to become a law.

China opens CPEC to other countries for investment:

China opens its economic corridor with Pakistan to other nations for investment after commissioning a power plant near Karachi.

China invited the other nations in the corridor on the “principle of equality” and “ voluntarism”, after last week’s commissioning of the phase of the 1320 megawatt port Qasim power project.

Living materials printed using ‘bio ink’:

A new printing material called flink (functional living ink), is a bacteria-containing ink that makes it possible to print mini-biochemical factories with certain properties, depending on which species of bacteria added to the ink.


1.Pseudomonas putida (break down the toxic phenol)

 2.Acetobacter xylinum (produce high purity nano cellulose) ehich relieves pain, retains moisture, and is stable, opening up potential applications in the treatment of burns).

In a single pass, scientists can use up to four different inks containing different species of bacteria at different concentrations inorder to produce objects exhibiting several properties.

The ink is corresponding of a biocompatible hydrogel that provides structure.

Stand up against torture:

The convention against torture (CAT) came into force in 1987 and india signed it in CAT has 162 state parties; 83 are signatories. In refusing to ratify the CAT, india is in the glorious company of angola,Bahamas,brunei, gambia,Haiti,palau,and sudan.

Parliament passed the prevention of torture bill, 2010. Unlike Indian law, which focuses on murder and broken bones torture was expanded to include food deprivation, sound bombardment, electric shocks, cigarette burning, and other forms. Usually these techniques are used by Indian police.

A petition was filed in the supreme court in 2016, seeking a direction to the govt to ratify CAT. Despite its numerous promises to the UN bodies, the govt opposed to the petition saying that the commission of India was considering the issue.

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