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Kawala tiger reserve: located at adlibbed dt of telangana and declared as tiger reserve in 2012 by govt of India. It is the oldest sanctuary in the northern telangana region.

The parliamentary standing committee on finance on bitcoin : bitcoin is a crypto currency . The report (2016-17) submitted by the committee says that the role played by such virtual currency is a crime and has been recorded by the global financial action task force, is an inter-governmental body.

The committee also said the bitcoin intensifies the money laundering and terrorist activities.

SARS (South Asian Respiratory Syndrome) is due to virus of bats-a Chinese virologist discovered that the virus present in a single population of horse-shoe bats-lives in a cave of Yunnan province, china.

Measles vaccination- which decreases the acute respiratory infection, diarrhoea, in children below 5 years, is a secondary infection of measles.

It is a highly contagious diseage transmitted through a virus belonging to mornillivirus genus.

The virus can suppress the immune system leading to spread the infection in various organs of the body.

The inauguration of the first phase of the chabahar port, ran is called as the shahid be –hashti port.

Development this port will add to the connectivity of two countries and line up with Afghanistan ahich is very important to India.

Xi  backs china-Myanmar economic corridor: it is an initiative being given high priority on account of the stalled Bangladesh-china-India-Myanmar(BCIM) CONNECTIVITY PROPOSAL.

Y- Shaped corridor from china’s Yunnan province to Mandalay in Myanmar and extended towards the east and west to Yangon new city and kyaukphyu special economic zone in Raphine province.

The china-Myanmar economic corridor will enhance the connectivity between the two countries.

The existing highways, oil and gas pipelines, as well as the railroads and express ways under construction will give china the best access to the Indian ocean.

Also creates the transfer of china’s industries to Myanmar (due to rising cost of labour, over capacity and industrial development, china began to transfer its industries to abroad).

India is biggest importer of U.S. oil refinery bi-product ‘petcoke’:

U.S. oil refineries that are unable to sell a dirty fuel waste product at home are exporting vast quantities of it to India instead.

Petroleum coke, the bottom-of-the-barrel leftover from refining Canadian tar sands crude and other heavy oils, is cheaper and burns hotter than coal. So it being dumped into energy-hungry India.

It contains more carbon and far more heart and lung damaging sulphur.

In 2016, U.S. sent more than 8 million metric tonnes to India.

Petcoke became very problematic in india.about 1.1 million indians die prematurely due to outdoor pollution every year, according to health effects institute, a non profit funded by the U.S. Environmental protection agency and industry.

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